2017 Update

After completing my book, several medical and dental problems caught up with me which required attention in early 2017. Nothing was life threatening, yet it took time from what I really wanted to do…. activities such as writing for my blog and returning to my art. Especially tough was a foot operation in late June, which slowed me down for a number of months to recover.

However, before my foot operation, I attended the annual WARP conference in Oaxaca, with my husband Jon Garlock who had lived here for six months many years ago. The conference, Oaxaca itself –– a magnificent city, the visits with artisans, weavers, dyers, and embroiderers, as well as connecting with the WARP attendees made it a memorable time.

Back home, the saga continued of learning about selling my book. It required me  to purchase shipping boxes, send out the orders for my book, sell at fairs, etc. Yet selling it directly to customers was often a joy which allowed for wonderful connections. Selling it myself makes it a totaly different experience from my other books, which were printed by US publishers, who took care of all aspects of distribution. Of course, this was never possible since my Antigua Guatemala publisher is not able to distribute in the US.

By October, my ability to walk had improved sufficiently for me to do a presentation to the Buffalo, NY Weavers Guild. It was a pleasure to tell Buffalo weavers about my passion for Mayan weaving and other crafts as well as to share my textile collection with them. 


In early December, another Rochester Alternative Fair took place. With other ROCLA members and supplied by the Fair Trade organization, Mayan Hands, we sold more baskets and textiles. Buyers are always touched by their colors and designs and it proves to me that art and craft can communicate a culture.