A Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide:

By Marilyn Anderson

A guide for using the Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala/Artes y Artesanías Mayas de Guatemala Coloring Book to better understand Fair Trade.

The Lessons:

  • Maya Arts: What Are They?
    Why Guatemalans use them, where they are made and sold
  • Maya Arts in Fair Trade Stores 
    Traditional arts form the basis and background for production of the items sold in Fair Trade stores
  • People in the USA and Canada Buy Maya Arts
    How people outside of Guatemala buy and use Maya arts and crafts and why people want to buy them in Fair Trade stores
  • Fair Trade — in Super Stores?
    Why you can’t buy Fair Trade products in Super Stores
  • Fair Trade is About Being Fair
    A short history of the beginnings of the Fair Trade movement for arts and crafts
  • Fair Trade Works!
    Fair Trade Organizations in North America and Europe and their missions