Art & Books of Marilyn Anderson

The work shown on these pages is done in the spirit of solidarity with Maya people. Marilyn's goal is to affirm and celebrate the cultural importance of Mayan arts and crafts and to increase knowledge and consciousness of it among those reached by her work. 

Marilyn produces art and publications and collaborates with Maya educators to distribute her Multilingual Mayan Languages/Spanish Edition coloring book: Artes y ArtesanĂ­as Mayas de Guatemala to children in Guatemala. 

About the forthcoming book: Guardianes de las Artes / Guardians of the Arts

Even if much time has passed since any information updates on the web, I have continued to advance my Pro Arte Maya project through exhibits, art work, publications and collaborations with Maya educators. The latest addition to the Pro Arte Maya Project is my new book: Guardianes de las artes: grabados de artistas y artesanos de Guatemala/ Guardians of the Arts: Prints of Guatemalan Artists and Artisans

Completing the book has occupied me over the past ten years. Now about to be printed, an announcement will be made when copies will be available in the USA. The publisher in Antigua Guatemala: Editorial Del Pensativo, will make the book available there even sooner.

Now available: a new note card set, Guatemala - Women of Hope / Guatemala - Mujeres de esperanza, with bilingual Spanish / English text  

A portion of profits from the sale of these cards goes to the schools of the Consejo Maya Jun Ajpu Ixb' alamke and other education projects for children in Guatemala.